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Pre-Fabricated Real Brick Slip Chimneys

If your planning criteria determines that a chimney detail should be incorporated into your house design, then an Apex brick clad chimney will offer you a cost effective alternative to building a traditional brick chimney stack. Apex manufacture a one piece, easy to install, brick slip clad module, which is simply secured onto the roof trusses via the chimney's fixing plate, then battened and tiled in the normal way. The three most popular styles of chimney are mid ridge, gable end and mono pitch. These are available in a range of sizes and roof pitches with a choice of corbel, capping and pot designs. Chimneys are supplied with full fixing kits and installation instructions. Lifting sockets are attached to the sub-frame, to ensure ease of installation and safe handling. Once an order has been placed, full CAD drawings are submitted for final approval. All Apex chimneys can accommodate a class 2 working flue and have a 10-year manufacturers guarantee.