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AdaptaWall is a brick panel, fully interlocking cladding system (patent currently being sort) designed and manufactured by builders with years of experience in the business. It is aimed at professionals in the construction industry. Brick panels, also called brick sheets, consist of interlocking wall and corner panels. These are manufactured using bricks as supplied by the customer. The bricks are cut into slips and adhered to glass reinforced 10mm backing boards. Apex can collect bricks from site or receive deliveries in large quantities. The finished product will be supplied directly to the customer.

  • AdaptaWall is manufactured in 3 simple sizes and with a unique non-standard interlinking panel which allows adjustment to width, any size of the wall can be clad. This also helps keep wastage to a minimum.


Standard AdaptaWall is available in 3 sheet sizes of 8, 12 and 16 brick slips, all easy to handle and no panels are above the manual handling weight limit. Standard corner sections are supplied in 4 brick configurations. Please, click the images below to enlarge.


Non-Standard AdaptaWall is available in a 6 brick slip configuration. Non-Standard corner sheets are supplied in 4 brick slips. Custom sizes can also be produced at an additional cost. Please contact us for a quotation.

Please, click the images below to enlarge.


  • AdaptaWall can be installed on all surfaces provided that the correct adhesive or fixings are used and no stitching is required. The end result is a seamless wall and any bond or gauge can be achieved.
  • Orders are generally by sq meter and take off service is available. Estimates can be provided and site visits and account applications are available on request. We offer full in-house production facilities from our factory just off the A3 near Liphook.
  • AdaptaWall can easily be installed on plasterboard, plywood, MDF, concrete, blockwork or brickwork – if in doubt we can supply an engineers report for suitability.
  • AdaptaWall can be glued or screw fixed, or both, depending on the particular situation.
  • AdaptaWall uses normal fixing tools and basic brick cutting equipment to fit around windows and door mouldings or to any other shape.
  • AdaptaWall once fitted it can be pointed immediately – Saving on scaffolding and construction time.
  • Material cost, speed of installation and flexibility make it a very cost effective solution to traditional bricklaying.
  • AdaptaWall provides a strong durable finish that is weatherproof and fireproof. Spec sheets are available on request.